About Us

Based in the heart of central Europe, securCom is the culmination of several years of work. We are a team with vast accomplishments and more than 20 years of experience in the IT security, data management and web hosting business. The expertise we possess allows us to deliver unrivaled quality and accentuate the finesse of a tailor-made product.

securCom has been developed by an experienced team of programmers with expertise working on all aspects of security solutions both in the public sector and the private sector; for businesses, banks and governments alike. securCom is all about providing our clients with the best encrypted platform, using our unique technology in order to deliver audio, video, file transfer, enclosed chat and safe storage services. We are doing this to enable you to communicate and store your private, and company, information in the safest and securest way.

We are using our experience to bring you the very best cutting edge solutions possible.

Our goal

It cannot be denied that data proliferation is a major threat to society. That everything you have ever said or have ever written is to be under scrutiny in perpetuity, without context or reason. That your company’s disclosures are floating in cyberspace, waiting to be captured by industrial spies. It is an ongoing issue highlighting both protection of free speech and liberty.

Our goal is to ensure that privacy is accessible for the many and not the few. We want to ensure that the idea of privacy is not lost for future generations. A world where people can be trusted and are able to remain in touch across all corners of the globe, anywhere, anytime.

We are giving you that power. It’s the power to revolutionise the way your business works. securComm is dedicated project for quality instant communication.

Our goal is to provide you with a complete, self-contained platform whereby your business can use all the benefits of instant messaging, secure file transfers and video calls with none of the shortcomings. Your business will grow in tandem to our own. We will benefit each other mutually and with your feedback we can develop dynamic and revolutionary resources together.

We want to preserve privacy and safeguard communication.

Why us

In recent years there has been much speculation and discussion concerning things such as encryption, security and privacy functionality. None of this addresses the real underlying issue: servers. Servers are a potential vulnerability and source of hacking. Intelligence agencies and security services around the world demand access to their contents. This a gross invasion of privacy and leads to both political and industrial espionage, putting your business at risk. The situation is critical.

With us it's different. You should choose securCom because securCom has been designed from the outset to avoid any single point of performance or security failure and to offer a completely secure solution. Servers in our enterprise solution are localized to your premises and carefully engineered so that with end-to-end encryption we guarantee that no one can listen in on your conversations or hijack your files.

Not only do we not store information on any centralized servers but anything discussed or shared on securCom is strictly confidential to the people involved. There is no trace of conversation record. Whatever you discuss will remain private. Identifiers, encryption keys and session IDs are unique each and every time and this makes it impossible for anyone to crack the privacy of any communication and its content. This is what makes securCom the perfect choice for business communication.