Product support

Keep your securCom software package up to date with fast, reliable support.

In a world where change is the only constant, you will rely on your securCom technology to deliver no matter what challenges your business faces. As these challenges arise, quickly finding the best solution for your business can mean the difference between a crisis and a quick fix. securCom Standard (10/5) support and Premium (24/7) support includes remote assistance both online and over the phone, proactive support for planned maintenance, advance RMA replacement, software upgrades, and help with securCom wiki.

You can upgrade your support with expedited RMA Services and maintenance add-on packages. In addition, securCom provides many free, self-service resources to help you get the most from your investment.

Keep your business running; receive fast, knowledgeable help with questions or issues regarding your securCom package so you can keep delivering the services on which your business depends.

Get prepared with fast-track support for scheduled maintenance to minimize time spent opening a new case.

With both Standard and Premium support, securCom experts provide assistance in troubleshooting via e-mail or chat. Enhance ROI get more value from your investment by using the resources on securCom to search our knowledge base, expand your skill set or interact with the securCom community.