securAppliance Solutions

securAppliance is a standalone server appliance with standard parameters that can provide all features of securCom products in a box.
Appliance is built on standard DELL server hardware provided by securCom.


securCom appliance server is a standalone server built on DELL server hardware. securCom appliance software is providing all features required and expected from enterprise platform with some additional extras.

It includes following feature set:

  • management console for standalone server or cluster of servers
  • networking, firewall, DNS and SAN management
  • automatic configuration of new cluster nodes added
  • automatic backups handling
  • automatic self configuration for high-availability in 2-servers configuration
  • full hardware, software and services monitoring

Available appliance configurations

Installation requirements

  • Standard 1U high server 19”
  • Rails are supplied with appliance
  • 1 x 220V PSU
  • 2 x 1Gbps Ethernet ports

Operational requirements


  • 1 x IP address for servers iDRAC card
  • 1 x IP address for management console


  • 1 x IP address for securCom software

Firewall configuration

Required ports open:

  • Port 80 – Used only for users convenience. It will automatically redirect to port 443
  • Port 443 – Main communication, protocols TCP & UDP
  • Ports 3478 and 3479 – For TURN server

Protocols and standards used: SSL, TLS, DTLS, SDP, ICE, SRTP, WebRTC, WebSockets.


As our customer you can benefit from our pro-client oriented SLA. You can choose from several types of support SLA's covering all aspects of securCom appliance.
Appliance is covered by 2 types of support contracts. First is your hardware support contract which is based on DELL's hardware SLA.
Second is a support contract covering all software components.

For our customers with active SLA subscription we are providing phone & email support and our technicians if required are always available to fix problems on site.


Our securCom appliance is flexible and can be customized based on clients needs. We are also offering expansion units for the appliance to provide horizontal and vertical scalability in computing power or data storage. Contact us with your requirements and we will provide you a full solution tailored on your needs! Our appliance solution is offering easy to install and integrate clustering and high-availability.

Expansion units are based on DELL hardware covering all possible client needs. All expansion units for your existing securCom appliance are covered by DELL's hardware SLA and your existing securCom Software SLA.

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securCom software uses single IP addresses for end users. This should be preferably from the public range. If the appliance is going to be behind the firewall, it should be an address which is reachable by large majority of the people.

For internal use, we need private /24, which will hold appliance management and supportive services. This range can also be used for iDRAC management.

As for switch configuration, the optimal solution is to have the admin network as native VLAN and trunk VLAN with public address.

Appliance requires SSL certificate for Call.Me software, preferably signed certificate (not self-signed). Preferred is a wildcard SSL certificate for domain used with appliance.

P2P communication between employees and branches