secure chat solution

securChat is a standalone, self-contained server appliance with standard parameters.
The service is built using DELL server hardware.


Our securChat or as we call it vaporChat product is offering unique flexibility and integration with your existing web site and web applications bringing your customers a simple, transparent and safe way of communicating with your company.

securChat is our standard product with all securCom packages. It offers a true peer-to-peer encrypted messaging service which can be integrated to your existing applications and infrastructure.


  • Encrypted messaging
  • Peer-to-Peer communication
  • Disappearing messages
  • Military-grade encryption ciphers
  • Simple integration with existing systems with our web services API
  • Point-to-point communication
  • Easy integration
  • Flexibility in visual customization
  • Self-contained management and deployment
  • Client oriented SLA
  • Full integration with other securCom products

Integration and Customization

The core function and idea behind securChat is complete integration to your existing websites and applications. With this in mind we have made it flexible and easy to adopt.

securChat on your site or in your business can be tailored to be integral part of your site. The front end part, facing your customers will be fully integrated. All graphic elements and colors can be adjusted to match your needs.

Further, we also can customize the back end section of securChat. It can be matched to your company colors and graphic design.

Our securChat can be also integrated with your company's pre-existing backend systems. This will allow you to manage users within your existing infrastructure, keep worklogs or chat sessions from your system on your support line.

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securCom uses single IP addresses for end users. This should be preferably from the public range. If the appliance is going to be behind the firewall, it should be an address which is reachable by large majority of the people.



For internal use, we need private /24, which will hold appliance management and supportive services. This range can also be used for iDRAC management.



As for switch configuration, the optimal solution is to have the admin network as native VLAN and trunk VLAN with public address.



Appliance requires SSL certificate for securCom software, preferably signed certificate (not self-signed). Preferred is a wildcard SSL certificate for domain used with appliance.

P2P communication between your customers and support