securFile solution

securFile is a service solution providing secure file transfer capabilities.
It's easy to use and easy to integrate as a customer facing solution or a system-to-system service.


Our securFile service is offering unique flexibility and integration with your existing website and web applications by bringing you a simple, transparent and secure way to share with your clients and others within your company.

securFile is offering a transparent but yet highly secure way to transfer sensitive files across the internet.

End-to-end encryption and peer-to-peer functions are the major benefits of securFile.


Key features of securFile:

  • Encrypted file transfer
  • Peer-to-Peer communication
  • High grade encryption ciphers
  • Simple to use and integrate with existing systems with our web services API
  • Point-to-point, end-to-end encryption
  • Flexible customization
  • Self-contained management and deployment
  • Client oriented SLA
  • Full integration with other securCom products

Integration and Customization

securFile is a service for secure, encrypted file transfer. It has a seamless integration with our other secure products.

Integration with securChat is a default option. securFile backend can be configured to be a simple file storage, working with clients' web browser or our securStorage solution.

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