securCall solution

securCall is a mobile solution providing a secure, peer-to-peer, end-to-end encrypted communication channel allowing safe communication and total privacy.


Our securCall is highly secure and private service offering audio and video communication to your existing infrastructure. It is a flexible solution to make safe and private video calls within your company and to your clients.
securCall offers a unique way to contact your clients in a secure environment and can be used to verify or confirm bank operations or discuss sensitive data with the knowledge that nobody can listen to it.
securCall can be integrated with a recognition system; voice or face recognition will not be a problem and a full HD video and audio is available.
Encryption and Peer-to-Peer are the key features of our securCall product.
securCall can complement your existing telecommunication infrastructure or possibly replace it completely. securCall has the ability to connect to both PSTN and VOIP providers and offers you seamless integration with classic telecommunications services in a light and simple package.


Key features of securCall:

  • Encrypted communication
  • Encrypted network protocols
  • Peer-to-Peer communication
  • High grade encryption ciphers
  • Mobile application available, allowing full customization of visual appearance
  • Integration with your existing mobile application available through securCom Mobile SDK
  • Easy to use and integration with existing systems with our web services API
  • Flexible customization
  • Simple deployment of hardware
  • Self-contained management and deployment
  • High horizontal and vertical scalability
  • Client oriented SLA
  • Full integration with other securCom Enterprise packages

Integration and Customization

The core function and idea behind securCall is full integration with your existing websites and applications. Therefore we have made it flexible and easy to adopt.

securCall on your website, web application or as fully-customized standalone application can be tailored to match your needs. The frontend part facing your customers will be fully integrated to your website or web application. All graphic elements and colors can be adjusted to match your needs

Further, we also can customize the back end section of the programme. It can be matched to your company colors and graphic design.

Our securCall can be also integrated with your backend systems. This will allow you to manage users within your existing infrastructure. It can complement your existing telecommunication infrastructure or even replace it. securCall allows integration with PSTN or VOIP systems to offer you more flexibility and functions. With complete VOIP integration you have bridge allowing a securCall to be connected with your existing SIP/VOIP phone on your desk, mobile application or web application at the same time.

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