securStorage solution

securStorage is our solution offering highly secure and encrypted object storage.

securStorage with it's securGate can protect your own documents and any incoming files from different sources.

Our solution is easy to scale and easy to connect with existing systems.


Our securStorage is a highly secure and private solution offering a totally encrypted storage solution. All files stored are encrypted with the very best high grade ciphers. The encryption key never leaves your infrastructure and never leaves the securStorage gateway.

Any system can be connected to our standardized API. This storage allows any system to store documents and files with any extendable metadata attached.

securStorage is offered as a hosted solution where storage is hosted with securCom and your systems connect to your internal gateway. We don't have access to your data as they are encrypted on your side without anyone else knowing what is being stored. securStorage can also be deployed as a self-hosted, self-contained solution where the entire infrastructure is managed by you.

A part of securStorage as an add-on we have securGate to protect your infrastructure from any threats from incoming files. Protecting you from malicious files and infected documents. securGate can strip and remove malicious code from those documents and store them clean and safe in securStorage.




  • standard API for access
  • encrypted communication
  • high grade encryption ciphers
  • client-side encryption
  • extendable metadata for objects
  • horizontal and vertical scaling
  • either a hosted or self-contained system
  • client oriented SLA
  • client-side plugins supported
  • easy administration
  • hosted solution provides 99.97% availability
  • full integration with other securCom products


  • full integration with securStorage
  • usable as standalone service
  • extendable A/V stack
  • proprietary document malware and virus striping
  • support for pre-processing and post-processing plugins
  • standard API for access
  • horizontal and vertical scaling
  • either a hosted or self-contained system
  • easy administration
  • hosted solution provides 99.97% availability

Integration and Customization

securStorage can be integrated with your existing systems with easy to use API. API is well documented and standardized.

API is provided by our secure gateway appliance in your infrastructure. This is fully managed by you and provides a secure entrance to storage system with high grade encryption.

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