securID solution

securID will give you access to simple use of biometrics - face recognition service for your existing web and mobile applications.
It's easy to use and easy to integrate as a customer facing solution.


Our securID product can provide you a highly accurate biometric on-boarding and authentication/authorization service. By using top of the line face recognition software you are able to on-board and verify persons much easier.
With applied face recognition process you are able to verify live on running video call client with his existing ID card or passport.

Our securID service is offering unique flexibility and integration with your existing website and web applications by bringing you a simple, transparent and secure way to on-board, verify and authenticate your clients.


Key features of securID:

  • high speed face recognition solution for authentication or on-boarding
  • fast and highly accurate
  • image processing or real-time video processing
  • multi-face detection and tracking
  • real-time detection and evaluation of 18 facial features
  • head pose deviation (yaw, pitch, roll)
  • detection of: closed eye, eyes gaze, red eyes, open mouth, eye glasses and heavy frame glasses
  • background uniformity check and background removal
  • ICAO / ISO conform cropping
  • gender and age detection
  • features designed to satisfy facial image quality standards established by ISO/IEC 19794-5 and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) specifications
  • SDK supports the automated quality checks following the requirements and recommendations of ISO/IEC 19794-5